#Blessed on Kickstarter

#Blessed is an online comic about romance, dating, deities and deathly prophecies, mixed in with comedy. You can learn more about the comic on the LINE Webtoon app, or from their website at Webtoons.com (blessedcomic.com). I wanna thank to all of the readers who have followed the series on LINE Webtoon for your constant support, and a warm welcome to all new readers who want to know more!

The goal of the Kickstarter is to get the comic reformatted for print and into your hands as quickly as possible! We’ll be designing Kickstarter exclusive covers and the more we raise the more content goes in the book, the more stretch goals are unlocked, and the more add ons we can offer. The stretch goals and add ons are a secret until they’ve been hit. We’ll reveal the stretch goal that’s available to hit next, and when it unlocks we’ll reveal the next one. Ditto with the add ons and we think everyone will be pleasantly surprised with each!


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