FOX FIRES is a fantasy-adventure that is inspired by Finnish folklore.

“Fox Fires” refers to the Northern Lights; a literal translation from the Finnish word “revontulet.” (Revontulet = Repo’s fires.) The Fox Fires are a gate between this world and the land of the dead – it allows souls to visit their loved ones. But suddenly, the Fox Fires disappear. Our main character, a young raccoon dog named Raate, heads north to find what’s happened to Repo, the fire fox whose burning fur is said to make the Fox Fires appear in the sky. On her journey, Raate meets all kinds of interesting creatures, and also new friends.

The story is told from an animal’s perspective, taking us deep into nature. The graphic novel addresses the relationship between humans and nature, friendships, family, self-growth, and, of course, Finnish folklore.

Author: Emilia Ojala

Hardcover: $19.99
ISBN 978-1-952126-08-6

Genre: CHILDRENS / MYTHOLOGY   |   Rated E / Everyone
252 pages