Shane Campos and Mike Federali bring you the whimsical world of would-be superhero Beezerk as she explores the silly suburbs of Ayo City.

She’s joined by her little brother Medbot, new best friend Tetra, and always looking up to Ayo City’s high-flying champion, Pizzow!

Lurking in the shadows of Ayo City are oddball villains and memorable monsters of all shapes and sizes, like Abra-Cow- Dabra the Cow Magician, Kaboombox the Robotic Rapper, Mommy Brain the Evil Android, and the most rotten wrongdoer of them all, Obnoxio. Does a powerless kid like Beezerk stand a chance against such impossible odds?!

Writer: Mike Federali
Artist: Shane Campos

Genre: CHILDRENS / ACTION | Rated E / Everyone
100 pages