SLEEP TERRORS is a dark tale that follows Terri Shepherd whose life falls apart when she is involved in a hit-and-run accident. Now suffering from extreme narcolepsy, Terri is plagued with terrible nightmares involving those who have wronged her being slaughtered horribly. But dreams can’t hurt anyone, right?


Terri’s nightmares are becoming reality, and an unknown force kills anyone who crosses her. Fearing for both her sanity and the safety of those she loves, Terri goes on the run. But who are the government agents that are tracking her every move and what do Terri’s nightmares-turned-reality have to do with an escaped psychiatric patient who also hides a dreadful secret?

As the murders become increasingly bizarre, Terri must find a cure before everyone around her is killed—if only she can stay awake…

Author: Cavan Scott and Stephanie Son

Genre: HORROR / SUPERNATURAL | Rated M / Mature
200 pages