Following in her father’s legacy, Quinn’s entire life has been devoted to slaying werewolves, but when a young victim falls into her care, and her stash of inherited silver bullets begins to run low, the horror of the monsters grows stronger, and the hunter becomes hunted.

WOLFSBANE is a book about legacy. About family. About blood. Quinn’s bond with young Adrienne is not just a chance to be the parent that her father couldn’t be, but also to pass on some part of her beyond the life of the hunt.

It’s about the way we view the things that we fear and hate, and how that fear warps our perception of the world, and what we will do to survive – and to fulfill our destiny.

More importantly, it’s about the line between man and beast, and who hunts whom.

Authors: Ryan Cady and Morgan Beem

Hardcover: $24.99   |  ISBN 978-1-952126-68-0

Genre: ACTION / SUPERNATURAL   |   Rated T+ / Teen Plus