Freaksugar Exclusive: Raul Trevino on Live Forever

By January 22, 2021March 24th, 2021No Comments

Raúl Trevino has a gift for creating heartbreakingly beautiful comic tales that tap into an elemental fear we all have: Losing a loved one. In his Webtoon comic Live Forever, Trevino explores that fear through the eyes of Sarah, a goth teen who seeks out the secret to eternal life following the passing of her mother. With the aid of her vampire neighbor Samuel, Sarah’s journey weaves in everything from goth music to how we cope with death.

Mr. Trevino, in conjunction with Rocketship Entertainment, recently launched a Kickstarter to bring the gorgeous and poignant webcomic to print form with Live Forever: The Eternal Edition. As of this writing, the campaign is fully-funded many times over, but there’s still time to secure a copy for yourself—as well as a plethora of other backer rewards.

We spoke with Mr. Trevino recently about the conceit of Live Forever, the inspiration behind the series, the Kickstarter campaign itself, and what kinds of rewards available to backers.

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