Mags and Kurt are two college grads entering into the perfect roommate situation together – as complete opposites guaranteed to stay out of each other’s business.

Until they realize they like watching the same nerdy TV shows. And enjoy long conversations over takeout. And can’t stop stealing glances when one of them is walking around shirtless, or the other is dancing around in her bedroom in her underwear.

But what’s the worst that could happen if these two got together?

Not much … until one of them finds out the secret the other’s been hiding. That may or may not involve a bit of murder, a dash of intrigue, and a totally inappropriate first job.

Author: Monica Gallagher

Softcover: $19.99   |   ISBN 978-1-952126-00-0
Hardcover: $24.99   |   ISBN 978-1-952126-00-0

Genre: ROMANCE / DRAMA   |   Rated T+ / Teen Plus
232 pages