Kirby Carter has been given Super-Speed, Strength, Invulnerability, and Fox-Fu to locate Cosmic Cobras on Earth. With the help of his family, friends, and teacher he’ll learn what it truly means to be a hero and defend Earth from an Invasion!

Who is Kirby Carter? Kirby is an elementary school self proclaimed geek who loves Comic Books, Sci-Fi movies, and only truly hates one thing, Bullying. He’s always first to take action when his friends are being picked on by the school bully Reg. Kirby’s personal motto is “Nothing is Impossible”. When he’s not knee deep in a stack of comic books he’s hanging out with his best friend Jennie. The town’s resident whiz kid and amateur detective. Her goal is to find out who’s behind the Cosmic Fox mask and give him the partner he so truly needs.

Writer: Mike Federali
Artist: Mighty G

Genre: CHILDRENS / ACTION | Rated E / Everyone 120 pages